Friday, October 26, 2007

New Feeds & Group Creation

It has finally arrived -- the ability to create new groups on In truth this ability has been present since day 1, but it had to start with an email to myself. Now this process is partially automated. Instead of sending me an email to create a group, you can create a group by clicking "Create Group" in the "My Group" section of the page. Groups for churches with more than 100 members require a small monthly fee (depending on church size) to create. This is to cover bandwidth and storage costs (it's not a cheap site to keep running!).

On an unrelated note, feeds have been completely overhauled. They now support the category filtering options already present in your feed reader.

Please continue sending in any bugs that need fixing, or feature suggestions, by clicking the "Bug" button while logged in. Thanks!

About the Author: Nick is the creator of -- a web application that allows you to read the Bible, write notes in the margin, share these notes with others, and track your Bible reading progress.

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