Friday, January 18, 2008


Well, I'll be headed out on a much needed vacation tomorrow. As such, support requests and group creation requests may not be answered in a timely manner. If I have internet connectivity I'll try to get to those as I can, but I cannot make any guarantees.

I'm fairly certain reading plans will be added (in some capacity) in a future version, along with configurable email notifications as well. I probably will not include native support for text messages, simply because I don't want BibleShared to be responsible for running up peoples' cell phone bills. However, if you put in the email address for your cell phone, it won't bug you about it.

Another feature was suggested by Pastor Marty of Abundant Life Christian Fellowship in Everett, WA (my home church, and the origin of That feature was a prayer journal. This will most definitely be incorporated in some future version of, I just don't know when at this point.

I will make one promise though. On or before February 17th, 2008, I will finally unveil fulltext searching of the Bible AND margin notes. It MIGHT even search multiple versions of the Bible under the hood so that if the wording stored in your memory isn't the NASB, it will still find it. Right now I have the KJV, NASB, and NLT indexed (with only the NASB published), so it is possible to do this, but don't hold me to it. I still have to research the legal implications of this with regards to the NLT.

I do have a random question before I go: Would you like the option to switch the Bible view so that it displays the King James Version of the Bible? Let me know via a comment.

Anyway, enjoy the next week!

About the Author: Nick is the creator of -- a web application that allows you to read the Bible, write notes in the margin, share these notes with others, and track your Bible reading progress.


Unknown said...

The KJV is good; you should definetly add it. Plus it's a good polar opposite to the NLT, if you do get it anyway.

twinklemom said...

THe KJV would be fantastic if you could add that.

I love the ideas about the prayer journals and reading plans naturally would be a great addition.

I hope you have a great vacation, and God bless you for this wonderful site!