Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Global Notes Complete

Well, the Global Notes functionality of BibleShared.com is now live and available for exploration.

I went ahead and marked all of my own Shared Notes as Global Notes so that they will be available across all of the groups of which I am a member. This adds around 8 pages of notes to each and every one of these groups -- I hope the groups' administrators do not mind the flood.

This brings me to an interesting tidbit about Global Notes. If you are a group administrator or a moderator, you can prevent specific Global Notes from appearing in your group by simply deleting them as you might do with any other especially offensive note. This will not actually delete the note, but instead add it to a blacklist for your group. Though the note is not entirely lost, this process cannot be reversed, so don't delete notes casually.

Enjoy the new feature! I'm going to bed.

About the Author: Nick is the creator of BibleShared.com -- a web application that allows you to read the Bible, write notes in the margin, share these notes with others, and track your Bible reading progress.

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